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One day, the world suddenly became confused by the sudden spread of the virus. The virus stimulates people's aggression, causing them to fall into extreme anger and turn them into zombies. However, there are people who overcome the anger created by the virus with strong will and mental strength. They gathered outside the city to build camps and began to survive the zombies. You are one of the survivors and this is your camp.

Welcome to our camp. I've heard a lot about you. You have just come, but I have to ask you right away. Camp residents are running out of supplies. Could you go to town and get supplies? The town is filled with virus-infected zombies. But we have to go to town to get rid of zombies and find supplies for survival. I have installed a radio in the car you will ride into town. I will guide you by radio. I do not know if it is a blessing to maintain humanity without being infected in these times. I hope you find the meaning. Good luck.